How does the procurement process work?

The New York State Bridge Authority solicits business opportunities in a variety of ways.  Below are a few of the more common ways we contract for goods and services.  For more information please refer to our Procurement Guidelines  

1. Informal Solicitation
For goods and services less than $300, we seek the best price through an informal process.
For goods and services valued between $500 and $14,999, at least three potential suppliers will be contacted to provide us with quotes.  Depending on the nature of the good or service sought, we may also list these opportunities on our web site for a period of time in order to generate more options for procurement.  To get on our list of potential vendors please contact us at

2. Request for Bids and Proposals
Prior to requesting bids or proposals for supplies or services that are estimated to amount to $15,000 or more, an advertisement must appear in the New York State Contract Reporter and will appear on our website.  These proposals will be evaluated in a competitive process according to established procurement policy.
From time to time, we may also list “requests for proposals “for goods and services that total less than $15,000 on our web site to generate additional interest in doing business with NYSBA.


Did You Know?

Tolls today are actually lower, in real dollars, than they were in 1933 when the Authority began operations.