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Mid Hudson

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Facts about the Necklace Lights:

The Lighting System designed by Baker Engineering NY, Inc utilizes innovative, energy efficient LED Lighting Fixtures.  Baker facilitated the development of these unique fixtures by combining the technologies of Magni-Flood Inc and Color Kinetics.

Baker's design also includes 2-3000 foot long messenger cables, over 1000 hangers supporting the communication and power cables, power conditioning and distribution as well as lightening protection system.

  • One hundred forty-two LED lighting fixtures are installed on the bridge, totaling over 27,000 red, green and blue LEDs. The fixtures are manufactured by Magni-Flood and contain Color Kinetics patented LED-based digital lighting technology, Chromacore®.
  • Each fixture is powered by Color Kinetics patented Chromacore technology, which uses multi-colored LEDs and a microprocessor to create over 16.7 million colors and color changing lighting effects.
The LED fixtures on the Mid Hudson Bridge use no moving parts, consume little power, have an ultra long life, produce virtually no heat and emit no noise or UV.
  • The LED light fixtures consume only 24 watts of power per fixture. The total power consumption of all the fixtures is little more than it takes to power two hair dryers!
Custom light shows for the Mid Hudson Bridge are easily created on a PC using Color Kinetics® ColorPlay™ light show authoring software. The lighting designers have the ability to effortlessly change existing shows or create new ones to commemorate significant events, such as holidays and local celebrations.   These shows can be launched through a scheduler, web page interface or executed using a standard telephone.
  Custom light shows are played back through Color Kinetics iPlayer® 2 light show storage and playback device, which can store up to eight custom light shows that can be chosen at the push of a button.

The system can be controlled remotely through a PDA via RF or through a cell phone.  If a PDA is not available, a cell phone alone can be used to control the system.  This control was designed in house by NYSBA personel.

 The iPlayer 2 play back device is located approximately one mile away from the bridge; data is sent to the lights through fiber optic cables.
  • The messenger cable connecting the lights is 6,000 long.
  • 1002 hangers support the cables providing power and communication to the light units.
  • The length of all cabling, including power and communications, totals 18,726 feet.