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Early recognition and reporting of potential terrorist activity
is the first line of defense against those
who intend to harm the citizens of New York State and its assets.


     It is a stark reality that the Hudson Valley is not immune from the acts of individuals trying to harm both our citizens and our country.   Law Enforcement agents from federal, state, county and local agencies all work together to collect and analyze information and coordinate activities to prevent terrorism.
     The New York State Bridge Authority partners with the New York State Office of Homeland Security in promoting Operation Safeguard.  Tips from the public can provide valuable information to law enforcement and prevent terrorist attacks.

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Know the eight signs of terrorism:

1) Surveillance: Recording or monitoring activities, taking pictures, making drawings.
2) Suspicious Questioning: Attempts to gain information about operations, staffing, and security.
3) Tests of Security: Any attempts to measure reaction times to entering restricted areas.
4) Funding: Suspicious transactions involving large cash payments, deposits, withdrawals, or transfers of money; bulk cash smuggling; suspected financial fraud; sale of counterfeit goods; or misleading charities.
5) Acquiring Supplies: Obtaining explosives, weapons, uniforms, badges, credentials, etc.
6) Suspicious Persons Out of Place: This may include people who are in places they should not be, as well as people who do not fit in to the daily routine of your neighborhood or community.
7) Dry or Trial Run: Putting people into position and moving them around without actually committing a terrorist act.
8) Deploying Assets: People and supplies getting into position to commit the act.

Download the Operation Safeguard Maritime Brochure

Get the Citizen’s Guide to Preventing Terrorism

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