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Finances, Public Disclosure and Annual Reports

General information about the NYS Bridge Authority, including our Mission Statement & Performance Measurements, Board of Commissioners, public meetings and schedules and much more can be found on our General Information Page (see the menu to the left).

The Bridge Authority reports to several reviewing agencies in New York State in order to provide an accurate picture of the Authority’s finances and to enable complete transparency in its operations.  Many of these reports are new in the last few years.

The Public Authority Reform Act requires the Bridge Authority to make a number of reports to the state Authority Budget Office under the Public Authorities Law Section 2800.

The Bridge Authority also makes reports to the State Comptroller under the Public Authorities Reporting Information System (PARIS).

The Bridge Authority issues an annual report that includes an independent auditor’s review of Authority finances as well as a narrative about the previous year’s goals and accomplishments.

Each of these reports can be found below.

Authority Information

Investment Policy Guidelines
Bond Sale Guidelines
Procurement Guidelines

NYSBA BY-LAWS (revised 8/15/15) Organization Chart
Prompt Payment Guidelines
Property Disposal Guidelines


2020-2024 Capital Improvement Program
2020 Budget and Financial Plan
2020 Budget Certification
2020 Budget Plan Notification


2019-2023 Capital Improvement Program
2019 Budget and Financial Plan
2019 Budget Certification
2019 Budget Plan Notification


2018-2022 Capital Improvement Program
2018 Budget and Financial Plan
2018 Budget Certification
2018 Budget Plan Notification
2018 Continuing Disclosure for General Revenue Bonds


2017-2021 Capital Improvement Program
2017 Budget and Financial Plan
2017 Budget Certification
2017 Budget Plan Notification
2017 Continuing Disclosure for General Revenue Bonds


2016-2020 Capital Improvement Program
2016 Budget and Financial Plan
2016 Budget Certification
2016 Budget Plan Notification
2016 Continuing Disclosure for General Revenue Bonds


2015-2019 Capital Improvement Program
2015 Budget and Financial Plan
2015 Budget Certification
2015 Budget Plan Notification
2015 Continuing Disclosure for General Revenue Bonds


2014-2018 Capital Improvement Program
2014 Budget and Financial Plan
2014 Budget Certification
2014 Budget Plan Notification

2014 Continuing Disclosure Statement for General Revenue Bonds


2013-2017 Capital Improvement Program
2013 Budget and Financial Plan
2013 Budget Certification
2013 Budget Plan Notification

2013 Continuing Disclosure Statement for General Revenue Bonds



2012-2016 Capital Improvement Program
2012 Budget and Financial Plan
2012 Budget Certification
2012 Budget Plan Notification
2012 Procurement Report

2012 Continuing Disclosure Statement for General Revenue Bonds




2010 Code of Ethics
2010 Real Property Report
2010 Internal Control Structure
2010 Authority Measure Report
2010 Audit of Financial Statements
2010 Investment Compliance and Audit
2010 Authority Executive Management Team
2010 Real and Personal Property Report

2010 Financial Statement
2010 Report on Operations
2010 Schedule of Debt Issurance
2010 Report on Internal Controls
2010 Year End Investment Report
2010 Prompt Payment Annual Report
2010 Report Certification for Section 2800
No Independent Audit Management Letter for 2010


2009 Budget and Financial Plan
NYSBA 2009-2013 Capital Improvement Program
2009 Budget Certification
2009 Budget Plan Notification
2009 Procurement Report
2009 Continuing Disclosure Statement for General Revenue Bonds

2009 Code of Ethics
2009 Real Property Report
2009 Internal Control Structure
2009 Audit of Financial Statements
2009 Investment Compliance and Audit
2009 Section 2800 Compensation Schedule

2009 Financial Statement
2009 Report on Operations
2009 Schedule of Debt Issuance
2009 Report on Internal Controls
2009 Year End Investment Report
2009 Prompt Payment Annual Report
2009 Report Certification for Section 2800



2008 Financial Statement
2008 Annual Report Summary
2008 Budget and Financial Plan
NYSBA 2008-2012 Capital Improvement Program

2008 Board Committees
2008 Real Property Report
2008 Internal Control Structure
2008 Year End Investment Report
2008 Audit of Financial Statements

2008 Bond Sale Report
2008 Report on Operations
2008 Investment Audit Report
2008 Report on Internal Controls
2008 Prompt Payment Annual Report



Annual Report Section 2800 Narrative
2007 Budget and Financial Plan
Investment Report for 2007
Compensation Schedule
Internal Control Structure
2007 Report on Operations
2007 Financial Statements

Compliance with Investment Guidelines
Financial Statement Analysis
Schedule of Debt Issuance
Internal Control Certification
2007 Real Property Report
2007 Internal Control Audit
2007 Internal Control Structure



Annual Report Section 2800 Real Property
Internal Control Structure
2006 Annual Report
Real Property
Letter to ABO

Annual Report Section 2800 Narrative
2006 Audited Financial Statement
Personal Property Disposal
Annual Report Financials
Schedule of Debt


Previous Year’s Reports

2005 Annual Report
2004 Annual Report
2003 Annual Report
2002 Annual Report

2005 Annual Report: Financial Statement
2004 Annual Report: Financial Statement